Ice lake, Chile

Baker & Co have Chile covered for your photo and film production needs. Chile is the southernmost country in the world and is located in western South America. It is situated to the south of Peru and the west of Argentina and Bolivia. Chile runs along a narrow strip between the Andes and the Pacific […]


Savanna trees, Tanzania

We have Tanzania covered for all your photo and film production needs. Tanzania is south of the Equator, but due to the country’s huge size the climate varies throughout. The main rainy season, which has tropical rainstorms are from March to May. Followed by the long dry season that lasts June till October. Temperatures vary […]


Moroccan town

Baker & Co has Morocco covered for your photo and film production needs. Morocco is a mountainous country with long beautiful beaches along their coastlines that run along the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. South of Morocco is the famous Saharan Desert and throughout the country’s land are oases and flowing rivers, with beautifully rich […]


Trees in a dry wetland

Baker & Co has Mozambique covered for your photo and film production needs. Mozambique is a beautiful country that is bordered by Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest. Mozambique claimed independence in 1975, where it had been colonized by […]


Idyllic beach scene in Mauritius

Baker & Co has Mauritius covered for your photo and film production needs. Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean that is southeast of Africa. This island boasts of beautiful lagoons, coral reefs and beaches. It is too a mountainous island with the anterior offering rainforests, waterfalls and amazing wildlife. The population density on […]


Boat on the beach, Madagascar

Baker & Co has Madagascar covered for all your photo and film production needs. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, southeast of Africa’s coast. The island developed in isolation and with its subtropical climate led to unique native wildlife. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot due to the fact that 90% of their […]


Sun shining through a plam tree forest

Baker & Co have your Reunion Island production needs covered. Reunion is an island that lies within the Indian Ocean and has a hot sub-tropical climate. This climate stays relatively similar due to the surrounding ocean which regulates the temperatures. The humid and hot season runs from November to April and a cooler and drier […]


Truck overloaded with people

Baker & Co has your photo and film production needs in Senegal covered. Senegal is a country in western Africa and is situated at the westernmost point of the continent, the capital is Dakar.  Senegal is known as the “Gateway to Africa” due to its location, it has multiple air and maritime travel routes. As […]


Sunset through a palm tree on a beach

Baker & Co has your Seychelles photo and film production needs covered. Seychelles are one of the most beautiful tropical island destinations. Seychelles is an aggregation of small islands that consist of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. It has many beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs and is home to two world Heritage Sites. […]


Pier with bungalows in Zanzibar

Baker & Co have Zanzibar covered for your photo and film production needs. Zanzibar is an island off the east African coast, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is a semi-autonomous country that remains politically united with Tanzania yet has its own parliament and president. In the past, due to its location Zanzibar was the […]