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Chile is the southernmost country in the world and is located in western South America. It is situated to the south of Peru and the west of Argentina and Bolivia. Chile runs along a narrow strip between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The Andes make up most of the border between Chile and Argentina and have some of the highest mountain ranges.

Chile has climatic seasons and during winter which is June to August it snows heavily on the Andes mountains, whilst the rest of Chile experiences rainfall. The huge snowfall leads to the picturesque snowlines across the Andes.  Summer is from December to February, which have warm and sunny days. Due to Chile’s narrow stretch of land from north to south the climates vary greatly and there are seven major climatic subtypes.

In the 1830s Chile had gained its independence from Spain and emerged as a stable authoritarian republic. The capital of Chile is Santiago and the national language is Spanish. The official currency of Chile is the Chilean Peso (CLP). Travelling to Chile is via direct flights to Santiago and car transfers to accommodation and car hires to travel throughout the country.

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