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Ibiza and Mallorca are islands off the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza island barely reaches 40 kilometers from one end to the other. It is a heavenly island with clear, crystal waters and is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mallorca is well known for its beautiful coastlines, limestone mountains and secluded coves.

Ibiza and Mallorca have a Mediterranean climate bordering on a hot semi-arid climate, with warm and mild temperatures throughout the year. Summer is from June to September with hot days filled with sunshine, and winter is mild with periods of rain and wind from December to February.

The official currency in both Ibiza and Mallorca is the Euro (€). To travel into Ibiza is via flight and thereafter hire cars to be transported around the island.

Baker & Co will handle all your Ibiza production needs from location scouting and castings through to being with you come shoot day.

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