Baker & Co have your Reunion Island production needs covered.

Reunion is an island that lies within the Indian Ocean and has a hot sub-tropical climate. This climate stays relatively similar due to the surrounding ocean which regulates the temperatures. The humid and hot season runs from November to April and a cooler and drier season from May to October. The rain comes in short and heavy patches as tropical cyclones run through the island during the months January and February. This is when the lush vegetation on the island and the beautiful, cascading waterfalls are in full swing.

Reunion’s capital is Saint-Denis. This island is surrounded by beaches and has an active volcano. More than half the land of the island is unsuitable for cultivation. Reunion island is part of the French region and the national language is French.

Reunion’s currency is the euro (€). Travel to the Reunion islands is via flight and transport on the island are with vehicles.

We handle all your production needs from location scouting through to being with you on shoot day. No visas for French nationals are required.

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