Baker & Co has your photo and film production needs in Senegal covered.

Senegal is a country in western Africa and is situated at the westernmost point of the continent, the capital is Dakar.  Senegal is known as the “Gateway to Africa” due to its location, it has multiple air and maritime travel routes. As well as the fact that Senegal lies at an ecological boundary with semiarid grassland, tropical rainforest and oceanfront converging to create a diverse environment with wide variety of fauna and flora. Senegal is bordered by Mauritania on the north, Mali on the east and Guinea and Guinea-Bissau on the south.

Senegal has a tropical climate, with its hot, humid and rainy season lasting from May to November. The dry season lasts from December to April with hot and dry winds. Dakar is slightly different with its semi-arid climate, with a short rainy season and a long dry season. Dakar’s rainy season lasts from July to October while the dry season are the remaining 8 months.

Senegal ‘s currency is the West African CFA franc (CFA). Travelling to Senegal is via flight and hire cars are required to travel around the country.

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