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Seychelles are one of the most beautiful tropical island destinations. Seychelles is an aggregation of small islands that consist of 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. It has many beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs and is home to two world Heritage Sites.

These islands have a tropical climate due to the islands being south of the Equator. The ocean regulates the temperatures on the islands therefore keeping them fairly consistent between 24°- 32°C. Seychelles is hot and humid, with the rainy season being November to March and the slightly cooler and dry season being from June to September.

Seychelles official currency is the Seychellios Rupee (SR). Travelling to Seychelles is via flight and then thereafter all transport to and from the various islands are by boat.

Baker & Co will handle all your Seychelles productions needs from location scouting and castings through to being on location with you come shoot day.

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