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Zanzibar is an island off the east African coast, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is a semi-autonomous country that remains politically united with Tanzania yet has its own parliament and president. In the past, due to its location Zanzibar was the centre of the spice and slave trade and has been heavily influenced by Indian, African, Arab and European cultures.

Zanzibar’s climate is typically humid with occasional rainfall as it is closely situated to the Equator. Humidity is high and daily temperatures reach the low-mid 30°s. The heavy rainfall season is between March and May which lead to the long dry season that lasts from June to October. Then there is another short rain period between November and December followed by a short dry season from January to February.

Zanzibar’s currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS). Travelling to Zanzibar is via flight and transport on land would typically be land cruisers and people carriers.

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