BNP Paribas – Azim Haidaryan – Cape Town

World renowned investment bank BNP Paribas chose Cape Town for its diveristy for their recent campaign. From sailing a beautifully restored yacht off the Mother Cities coast to the vineyards in the beautiful wine region of Stellenbosch, photographer Azim Haidaryn shot these beautiful images in his trade mark TVC type lighting style. An amazing campaign to have produced, the Baker & Co team enjoyed the extreme precision and attention to detail required by advertising agency Publicis.

Photographer: Azim Haidaryan @ Quadriga

Creative Director: Christian Vouhe

Stylist: Mari David c/o Quadriga

Make Up Artist: Carol Lupton c/o Gloss Artist Management

Hair Stylist: Janine Pritschow c/o Gloss Artist Management

International Producer: David Morelion @ Cinq Etoile

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Photo Production: Baker & Co