Ballantines – Steven Brahms – Johannesburg

Baker and Co Photo Production Johannesburg

NYC based photographer, Steven Brahms, teamed up with MC Saatchi london and creative director Shris Ross-Kellam to shoot Ballantines Whiskey in Johannesburg for the South African and Angolan market.

Client: Ballantines
Advertising Agency: MC Saatchi London
Photographer: Steven Brahms c/o Gold Teeth & Co
Senior Brand Manager: Matthieu Wattel c/o Pernod Ricard – Ballintines
Creative Director: Christopher Ross-Kellam c/o MC Saatchi London
Set Designer: Lisa Perry
Groomer: Kelly Fuchs
Stylist: Natalie Schoeman c/o Gloss Artist Management
Talent: DJ Paulo Alves (Angola) & DJ Black Coffee (South Africa)
Producer: Baker and Co
Production: Baker and Co
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa