Evian – Jean Yves Lemoigne – Seychelles

Baker and Co photo production Seychelles

Jean-Yves Lemoigne teams up with BETC and Rita production to shoot Evian Water in the Seychelles. This shoot is a continuation from the award winning TV advert showcasing dancing babies. The islands of the Seychelles are extremely beautiful to say the least. From a production point of view its a great destination to produce in. Increadible weather, small islands dotted around using luxury boats to jump from island to island. Praslin, teh second largets of the islands in teh Seychelles offers everything you need as a base for the crew. A short boat ride away is the famour Island of La Digue. La Digue is your idilic postcard beach that need serious beach time attention. For Baker and Co visiting the Seychelles is definatley highlight for us.

Client: Evian
Agency: BETC, Paris
Photographer: Jean Yves Lemoigne
Art Director: Agnes Cavard

Shot on location in the Seychelles