Lexus – Maciek Pozoga – Western Cape

Baker and Co photographic productions Cape Town

Lexus magazine shot by Maciek Pzoga. The brief was to follow two local entrepreneurs (Andrew Kai & Matthew Freemantle) on their journey to source ingredients for their local restaurant.
The road trip took the team up the West Coast of South Africa to source various seafood for a Paela, and then to a beutiful game farm to source wild boare.

Photographer: Maciek Pozoga (c/o Monseur L’Agent)
Art Director: Hank Park (Winkreative)
Editor: Alex Moshakis (Winkreative)
Photo Editor: Nicola Applegate (Winkreative)
Talent: Andrew Kai & Matthew Freemantle
Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Production: Baker and Co
Producer: Baker and Co