Vogue Nippon – Tom Craig – Reunion Island

Baker and Co photo production Reunion Island Vogue Tom Craig

Not many people know of Reunion Island. South of Mauritius, Reunion Island is a french teritory with extreme landscape diversity. From lagoons, voolcani sand beaches, english country side hills to tropical vegitation and not forgetting an active volcanoe, Reunion Island is truely a unique destination. The Vogue team said that they had never been to such a different, unique and impressive island before.

Photographer, Tom Craig  c/o CLM

Stylist, Ondine Azoulay  c/o CLM
Hair, Tomohiro Ohashi  c/o MAO
Make Up, Maria Olsson  c/o Jed Root
Model, Malgosia Bela  c/o Next Models

Shot on location in Reunion Island