1664 – Kevin Mackintosh – Cape Town

International Photo Production Company.

Kevin Mackintosh teamed up with Fred and Farid’s creative director Volker Gehr and Art Buyer Carmela Guiragossian for a series of amazing campaigns. Shot in Location in Cape Town, South Africa and France, the shots were a complex combination of foregrounds and backgrounds shot in the two different destinations.

Photographer: Kevin Mackintosh – (c/o Serlin Associates)

Creative Director: Volker Gehr (c/o Fred & Farid)

Art Buyer: Carmela Guiragossian (c/o Fred & Farid)

Set Designer: Daryl McGregor (c/o Lalaland Justine Bayley)

Beverage Stylist: Chris van der Merwe (c/o FxPacs)

Producer: Baker & Co

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Production: Baker & Co