J-Crew – Coliena Rentmeester – Cape Town

US Mega brand JCrew made Cape Town the destination of choice for there SS16 shoots. Running two teams concurrently, the teams made the best of the Capes diversity of locations. Nagi Saki and Coliena Rentmeester were the two respective photographers, joined by creative directors Ashleigh Sargent-Price and Mark Demott.

Photographer: Coliena Rentmeester C/o Art Dept NYC

Creative Director: Ashleigh Sargent-Price

JCrew Production: Maura Kane

Style Director: John O’Connor

Hair Stylst: Roberto Di Cuia

Makeup Artist: Soohee Lee

Production: Baker & Co


Photographer: Nagi Saki C/o DeFacto inc.

Creative Director: Mark Demott

JCrew Production: Tara Reyak

Style Director: Gayle Spannaus

Hair Stylst: Kenshin Asano

Makeup Artist: Alice Lane

Production: Baker & Co