Wanted Magazine – Kevin Mackintosh – Cape Town

Wanted Magazine -Baker and Co Photo production Cape Town

The duo of Kevin Mackintosh and Daryl McGregor is a match made in heaven.Their eye for creativity never ceases to amaze. For Wanted Magazine they beautiful crafted images of substance and mood. Shot in Cape Town in cold Atlantic waters required massive commitment and dedication from the models.Kevin and Daryl spend 3 months of the new year in Cape Town turning out a high level of work for both local and international clients. Baker and Co are big fans of the duo and continue working with them, home and abroad.

Photographer: Kevin Mackintosh c/o Serlin Associates
Stylist: Bee Diamondhead c/o Infidels
Set Designer: Daryl Mc Gregor c/o Lalaland
Hair Stylist: Richard Wilkinson c/o Supernova
Make Up Artist: Lucy Ann Botham c/o Lizbell Agnecy

Shot on Location in Cape Town