Soul Food

During lockdown, we found an uplifting, positive focus in helping our local community where poverty and food shortage is a serious issue. We funded a conversion of 1500 sq.m. of horse grazing into an organic vegetable garden that produces more than 80 kg of vegetables per month. This harvest helps support the families of a local NGO SurfPop and various soup kitchens in the community.

SurfPop works with 34 children and youth from Masiphumelele township, a disadvantaged community south of Cape Town. They aim to create long-lasting opportunities through a powerful formula of sport, education and nutrition.

Surfing promotes physical and mental wellbeing. It opens eyes to a new way of life of being active, healthy and closely connected to nature. Combined with focused after-school education and nutritious meals, this improves the children’s school performance, prepares them for sustainable employment and promotes their role as ambassadors and role models in their communities.

We are committed to continue and grow our support of the SurfPop project. If you are inspired to join us please donate via this link:

Bee Green

Mirroring the global bee crisis, Cape Honey Bee populations have decreased drastically over the last 10 years. They are experiencing a multitude of threats, including diminishing forage resources, climate change, pests and diseases, as well as problems arising from misuse of pesticides and insecticides.

The honey bee is the primary pollinator of many agricultural crops (around 50 crops in South Africa are reliant on bees) which is why they’re a vital part of ensuring food security for the future. They also help us to nurture an environment that promotes biodiversity and a healthy and productive vegetable garden, as well as protecting the endemic natural shrubland vegetation of the Western Cape, known as Fynbos.

We have started supporting the local honey bees by installing 5 beehives in our organic garden as well as planting bee-friendly flowers that will provide them with a food supply year-round. We plan to carry-on giving them a safe space to continue their essential work and look forward to sharing the best of our Fynbos Honey with you while you’re shooting in SA.

Re-use, Reduce, Recycle

We are committed to doing our utmost to reduce our project’s environmental footprint and reduce the use of single use plastic. We’ve noticed that we can make a big difference with small things such as the use of biodegradable coffee pods in our Nespresso machines, complimentary reusable water bottles for cast and crew and aluminium tin cans for sparkling water and soft drinks, amongst others.

Did you know: Aluminum can be recycled time and time again without loss of properties and is one of the most cost-effective materials to recycle, because of the huge energy savings – up to 95%. It’s estimated that around 75% of all the aluminium ever made is still in circulation.